Fortress of Vinadio – 2

more views of the Forte Albertino in Vinadio.

The big fortress walls are  more than 1200 meter long.  About 10 km of inner passageways are deployed on three levels.

Bombed during WWII, after proper restorations the fortress is open for visits and hosting of cultural events.





















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Fortress of Vinadio – 1

views inside the Fortress of Vinadio, in the valley of the river Stura (district of Cuneo, Piedmont, northern Italy).

One of the most significant examples of military architecture in the italian Alps, it is also known as “Forte Albertino”, since King Carlo Alberto ordered to build it  (1834 – 1847) in an appropriate position to defend the valley against the french troops.

Actually it was never used for military purposes since,  in the meantime, France became allied to Italy.