The Saint Magnus sanctuary

The last two posts showed details of a “mountain sanctuary”.  Now I’d like to spend few words about that sanctuary where the pictures were taken:  the Saint Magnus Sanctuary, in the Piedmont italian region .

Saint Magnus (italian : San Magno), according to the local tradition,  was a soldier of the  Theban Legion in the third century AD.  He preached the Christian Religion in the mountains of the Piedmont Alps.  He was martyred and buried in the amazing place where today the  beautiful Saint Magnus Sanctuary is located, at the end of the Grana Valley, in the province of Cuneo.blog_DSC0019                                            This was a sacred area since ancient times and in 15th century a chapel dedicated to St. Magnus was erected. The venerated saint became so important that in early 1700 an expansion was required and the current sanctuary structure was built. The building is surrounded by a nice portico where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the valley and the Alps. Inside the church, 15th and 16th centuries frescoes are conserved.